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Best Vanilla Tea In Sri Lanka


Vanilla Tranquility 20 Foil Tea Bag Carton 40g

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Ahmad Tea Vanilla Tranquility

Natural floral aroma combined with the best tea leaves Ceylon has to offer, Ahmad Tea Vanilla Tranquillity is a flavourful gem of a blend and a strong contender for the best vanilla tea in Sri Lanka.
The brilliance of the robust flavours in the Ceylon black tea and its rich aroma provides the best base for this particular blend. The sweetness of the vanilla flavour and the soothing aroma it possesses aids in guiding the mind of the tea drinker to a paradise of absolute relaxation.

Similar to the other variants in the flavoured tea range, Ahmad Tea Vanilla Tranquility also has real vanilla pieces in its blend. Common to the entire range of flavoured tea, this extra step taken towards achieving the best condition enhances the flavour of the tea.

Ahmad Tea Vanilla Tranquility is one of the favourite blends globally and has been a part of the Ahmad Tea selection for over 20 years. The blend was awarded one star at The Great Taste and was praised for being “a deep, dark infusion with a powerful vanilla-caramel scent.”

Ahmad Tea Vanilla Tranquillity comes with 20 foil-wrapped tea bags, which are convenient to use and easy to prepare. Those who are just experiencing the many flavours of tea will benefit from the tea bags as they are mess-free and measured. By following the brewing instructions on the carton, anyone can make the perfect cup of tea. If you prefer to enjoy it as a part of another recipe, tea bags will also be a great option.
When preparing, you can add a dash of fresh milk to create an aromatic burst of flavours.

The Tea Masters at Ahmad Tea ensure the quality of every packet of tea through a stringent process of quality assurance implemented with the expertise of over 30 years in the tea industry.

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