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Strawberry 20 Foil Tea Bag Carton 40g

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Ahmad Tea Strawberry Sensation

Ahmad Tea Strawberry Sensation is another popular blend from the flavoured tea collection. Out of the entire flavoured tea range, the Strawberry Sensation is a classic. The combination of the strong flavours of Ceylon black tea with the sweet taste of strawberry has created this masterful blend, which is one of the best strawberry tea varieties in Sri Lanka.

Our expert Tea Masters make this blend with the finest quality tea leaves sourced directly from the luscious estates in Sri Lanka. Using Ceylon tea as the base for the blend, the Tea Masters add in the strawberry flavourings. However, the process does not end there. The flavour is enhanced further by combining real fruit pieces with the tea. At the end of every cycle, there is a beautiful blend packed with flavour and aroma, ready to be packed into foil-wrapped tea bags.

Ahmad Tea Strawberry Sensation has 20 foil-wrapped tea bags packed with flavour. The convenience of the tea bags makes them perfect for those who live a busy life, always on the go. The tea bags also make it easier for those who are experimenting with tea, as they minimise the effort of preparation quite significantly. The tea bags are also easier to infuse when making iced tea, which is a perfect use of this blend. The fruity flavours of the Strawberry Sensation will create an unforgettable beverage to enjoy throughout the summer.

There are no limitations to how this blend can be prepared. We encourage you to get creative and share the edgy flavours of the Ahmad Strawberry Sensation with your loved ones as well. The guaranteed quality ensured through multiple rounds of quality assurance procedures is just another reason that this is one of the best strawberry teas you will ever taste.

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