Special Blend Hinge Caddy 450g
The Best Ceylon Earl Grey Tea


Special Blend Hinge Caddy 450g

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The Special Blend Hinge Caddy with The best Ceylon Earl Grey Tea

Ceylon Earl Grey tea is a delectable blend of refined and mature flavours.
The relaxing characteristics of the tea and the scented aroma have made Ceylon Earl Grey tea one of our most popular teas among consumers throughout the world. This mix has a mild flowery flavour and is considered one of the most notable Ceylon Earl Grey teas.
Our Tea masters, who source and blend all types of beautiful tea blends, are responsible for the distinctive flavour of this mix.

The Special Blend Ceylon Earl Grey tea, which comes in an elegant and reusable caddy, is an excellent addition to your tea collection. With a beautifully crafted and durable exterior, the golden hinges installed to hold the caddy secure add a regal feel to the item.

It is a universally known fact that consuming tea brings peace of mind, relaxation to the body. We encourage you to incorporate this extraordinary blend of Ceylon Earl Grey tea into your daily diet and experience the bliss of life. If you prefer to awaken the floral flavours of the Earl Grey tea, don’t forget to drop in a wedge of zesty lemon. The flavour profile of the lemon will enhance the citrus flavours of Earl Grey tea. Alternatively, adding a splash of fresh warm milk will bring out the rich aromas and exotic flavours of the Ceylon Earl Grey tea.

Blended by Ahmad Tea, The Special Caddy of Ceylon Earl Grey Tea is guaranteed to deliver the best flavours and the finest quality. Ahmad Tea’s extensive experience of over 30 years, sourcing, blending, and delivering premium tea globally and locally is proof of this. Using their knowledge and expertise, Ahmad Tea has multiple stringent quality check processes implemented. These quality checks help to ensure that the Ahmad Tea products are of the most excellent standards.

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