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Black Tea In Sri Lanka


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Finest Black Tea in Sri Lanka

Enjoy the diverse flavours of Sri Lankan tea with the Ahmad Regional Tea Collection, which contains the best Sri Lankan black tea, recognised and praised internationally for its hearty taste and rich aroma.

From down south, represented by the lighthouse in Galle, comes the mellow and refined tea flavours. The misty mountains and their luscious tea estates in the hill country offer several blends with the most elegant flavours and rich aromas. The elevation patterns, the temperature levels, and many other factors affecting these regional areas impact the characteristics of the variant of tea. Therefore, each caddy will be an experience of distinctive flavours.

Regardless of which region in Sri Lanka the tea blends originated from, each caddy has one thing in common as it contains the world-renowned Sri Lankan black tea. Sri Lankan black tea has earned the ultimate prestige over centuries of exporting and growing high-quality tea. It also has been considered to be high in antioxidants, which acts as an energy booster.

This collection of premium quality is a highly sought after product by tea connoisseurs. Whether you are one yourself or know someone who would love a new addition to their tea collection, you can not go wrong with the Ahmad Regional Tea Caddy.

Best served, brewed in freshly boiled water, these tea variants will be a great start to the day. Regardless of whether you choose to enjoy it by yourself or with friends and family, our Regional Caddy will offer a great selection of flavours and let you experience Sri Lanka as you have never experienced it before.

The Ahmad Regional Caddy is produced by Ahmad Tea using the expertise of over 30 years of sourcing and blending the most premium quality tea from all over the world. Each packet is guaranteed to consist of the highest quality tea as a result of the strict quality standard procedures in place.



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