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Peach & Passion 20 Foil Tea Bag Carton 40g

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Ahmad Tea Peach and Passion Fruit with Peach Flavoured Tea Bags

Another favourite of the Ahmad Tea flavoured tea collection, Ahmad Tea Peach and Passion Fruit tea, packs a punch, literally! Filled with the finest quality 20 foil-wrapped Peach Flavoured Tea Bags, this blend is popular among those who love to experience a sweet treat while staying committed to their healthy lifestyle.

Combined with the strong flavour and the rich aroma of the best Ceylon tea sourced directly from the misty mountain slopes of Sri Lanka, Peach and Passion flavouring provides the sweetness required to achieve the perfect balance. The fruity flavour is intensified to give the unique edge that has made it popular among many of our customers. But the innovative spirit of our Tea masters does not stop there. The blend also includes real peach and passion fruit pieces to complement the exclusive flavouring.

Wrapped in foil to secure the freshness, the quality, and the edgy flavours, the peach flavoured tea bags do not disappoint. Unique in every possible way imaginable, there are several ways to prepare the peach and passion fruit blend. Those who prefer the traditional and authentic taste of a strong, dark cup of Ceylon tea can now enjoy the same with an added bit of flavour. Those who crave a bit of adventure can incorporate the mixture into an infused iced tea. Best enjoyed in the summertime, with a few cubes of ice, it will surely keep the heat away.

This elite flavour is brought to you by Ahmad Tea; The experts in sourcing and blending varieties of tea from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China, India & Sri Lanka. With over 30 years of experience in the tea industry, Ahmad Tea is one of the most prestigious beverage companies in the world.

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