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Ahmad English Breakfast Tea

The Ahmad English Breakfast Tea carton contains a hundred tea bags of the lively and divinely smooth flavours of the traditional English Breakfast Tea. The Ahmad English Breakfast Tea is a great choice for those who prefer the traditional flavours of a cup of Ceylon black tea. The base of this Ahmad English breakfast tea is made from the purest Ceylon black tea, which prepares the foundation of its path to becoming a boldly flavoured, deliciously made classic in the universe of tea.

The tea bags are created with premium quality raw materials to uplift and preserve the flavours and the aromas of the English breakfast tea when packed. The tea bags are also perfect for those who want a convenient, mess-free alternative to loose tea, as the measured quantity already packed in the tea bag creates a much better brewing experience.

With a prestigious history, as a beloved of the most elite and even of the British royals, English breakfast tea is a proud product that survived the test of time. Traditionally, English breakfast tea has been consumed with a dash of fresh and warm milk and a spoonful of sugar during the morning hours to give an extra boost of energy to conquer the daily tasks. However, English breakfast tea can be enjoyed with a slice of cake or any other treat of your choice at any time of the day.

The Ahmad English breakfast tea has also won one star at ‘The Great Taste’ awards for being ‘A good breakfast tea’. This is a result of the stringent measures of quality standards implemented and exercised by the Tea Masters at Ahmad Tea.

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