Classic Six Tea Collection (6x10tb) 60 Paper TB
The Best Black Tea Bags In Sri Lanka


Classic Six Tea Collection (6x10TB) 60 Paper Envelopped Tea Bag Box 120g

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The Best Black Tea Bags

Another favourite in the Ahmad Tea gift collection, The Classic Six Tea Collection, is packed with the best black tea bags you can find in Sri Lanka. Sourced and blended by the Tea Masters of Ahmad Tea, each selection is guaranteed to be of supreme quality. Each variety has ten tea bags.

The Classic Six Tea Collection is an ode to the authentic taste of tea. It makes the connection between old Ceylon and Great Britain, whose involvement enabled the export of Ceylon tea.

The Classic Six Tea Collection includes:

  • English Afternoon
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Ceylon Tea
  • English Breakfast
  • English Tea No.1

The English Afternoon Tea balances the best Ceylon Tea sourced from various regions in Sri Lanka. The refreshing flavour of black tea with a hint of bergamot flavouring provides The English Afternoon Tea with the uniqueness it deserves. Our Earl Grey tea, which has a similar blend, will amplify the quality of your afternoon with its brisk flavours and its citrusy aroma. The Green Tea infusion is a must-have in every tea lover’s collection. The revitalising elements of Green tea with its vast health benefits make it a fine choice. The flavours of Ceylon Tea is well-known and appreciated by experts and connoisseurs. The golden liqueur, robust flavours, and the refreshing aroma of Ceylon Tea make it a must-try.
The rich and malty flavours of English Breakfast Tea will give your morning cup of tea an exciting taste. Last but not least, English Tea No. 1 is a special blend by Ahmad Tea, which was awarded ‘The Great Taste’ for its distinction.

Experience and experiment with the best flavours of the Ahmad Tea Classic teas with this collection. No matter what choice you make, you are guaranteed to taste the perfect taste, which is the signature of Ahmad Tea.

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