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Original Ceylon Tea In Sri Lanka


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The Original Ceylon Tea

Staying true to the century-old history that put Ceylon at the forefront of creating a taste for tea among the most affluent in the world, Ceylon Tea Original Leaf Tea packs a punch in flavours, texture, and aroma.
As the original Ceylon tea which the world came to know us for, this extraordinary blend continues to offer us the best quality, spectacular experiences, and a sense of nostalgia every time.

Plucked from the cold mountains of Sri Lanka, where crisp fresh air is abundant, the flavours and the texture of the Sri Lankan black tea are uncanny. The tea leaves from the trees grown using organic methods and careful treatment hold a role of paramount importance in providing your cup of tea with a strong flavour and a unique aroma.

One of the most important benefits of Sri Lankan black tea, apart from the taste, is its abundance of health benefits. Similar to the other blends of a Sri Lankan origin, the original Ceylon tea is rich in antioxidants which help to protect the cells in your body.

You can enjoy this classic blend in many ways. Using different brewing techniques and as a part of various recipes to suit your taste buds, you can enhance and experience the multiple levels of flavours. However, staying true to the name, the original Ceylon tea is best enjoyed as a warm cup of tea brewed to perfection.

All blends are hand-picked and mixed by Ahmad Tea’s renowned Tea masters. Ahmad Tea has been importing the highest quality teas from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China, India, and Sri Lanka for over 30 years. Every packet is guaranteed to be of high quality and freshness because of the process’s extensive quality control measures.

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