Ceylon Premium BOPF 400gCeylon Premium BOPF 400g
Quality Sri Lankan Loose Leaf Tea


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Sri Lankan Loose Leaf Tea

Experience the purest of the Sri Lankan loose leaf tea variants. Staying true to the centuries-old history that put Ceylon at the forefront of creating a taste for tea among the most affluent in the world, Ceylon Premium BOPF packs a punch in flavours, texture, and aroma.

The geographical advantage Sri Lanka has been blessed with, with a diverse climate that empowers the luscious growth of many varieties of tea. As a result, we can offer the best quality tea that suits every palette. That by itself is a reason why every tea lover identifies and seeks out Sri Lankan loose leaf tea variants wherever they are in the world.

Rich in health benefits for the mind and the body, Sri Lankan loose leaf tea is a refreshing treat. A unique feature that every variant of Ceylon Tea offers is versatility. You can prepare the brew in many ways by mixing the rich and aromatic flavours to bring out the hidden tastes. A cup of tea made out of the best Sri Lankan loose leaf tea is also the most suitable companion to any sweet or savoury food item.

Experience the endless possibilities and taste the best that the Sri Lankan misty mountains have to offer with Ahmad Ceylon Tea.

All blends are hand-picked and blended by Ahmad Tea’s respected Tea Masters. Ahmad Tea has been importing the highest quality teas from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China, India, and Sri Lanka for over 30 years. Every packet is guaranteed to be of high quality and freshness thanks to the process’s comprehensive quality control measures.

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