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Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe Tea


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Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe Tea

Ceylon Long Leaf Loose Tea is made from the finest quality tea leaf grade, known as Broken Orange Pekoe. It is also known as BOP1 within the tea industry. This particular tea leaf grade carries a strong flavour that is equally refreshing and rejuvenating. Plucked from the misty mountains of Sri Lanka, the taste of Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe Tea stands as the ultimate proof of the ancient Ceylonese tea artistry.

Regardless of the name, this variety of blend does not carry much of a resemblance in flavour to the famous citrus fruit, which has the same name. There are few interesting stories about how the name for the Broken Orange Pekoe tea grade came to be, which dates back to the introduction of Tea to Europe.

Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe Tea carries many health benefits owing to the antioxidants included in the natural tea leaves.

This particular variety can be enjoyed in your cup of tea in the morning, as it will surely reward you with a boost of energy to conquer the rest of the day. As flavoursome as it is by itself, a dash of fresh milk is guaranteed to enhance the elements of Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe Tea, adding to the flavour. Full of richness and unique properties, this blend made with the Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe tea mixture is a definite addition to your tea collection that will boost your health and wellbeing.

All blends are carefully picked and blended by the esteemed Tea Masters at Ahmad Tea. With over 30 years of extensive experience in sourcing the finest quality teas from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China, India, and Sri Lanka, Ahmad Tea products are considered one of the most prestigious. Ahmad Tea regularly exercises stringent quality control procedures to ensure the quality and consistency of every product before it goes to the hands of the customer.

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