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Ahmad Cardamom Tea 25TB

The Ahmad Cardamom Tea Bag carton has 25 tea bags filled with the most majestic blend of Ceylon black tea and the exotic flavour of cardamom. This unique blend has won the hearts of many all around the world, all because of the powerful flavour concoction it possesses.

Ahmad Cardamom tea bags come in a variety of numbers. This carton carries 25 cardamom tea bags, which is ideal for those who want to experiment with the flavours or for those who want to keep a carton at their office premises for a quick mid-day treat.

The cardamom spice belongs to the ginger family. Even though not known to the masses, cardamom shares some of the health benefits of ginger, such as the stomach-soothing properties, for which ginger is famous.

Consumed in the Middle East to enhance the flavour of tea, and in India, to enhance the flavour of cooking, cardamom adds a subtle spiciness and multiplies the aroma. When brewed by itself, cardamom has a robust and exotic flavour and aroma, which the Ceylon black tea and its fragrant aroma balances well.

You can make the perfect cup of tea with the Ahmad cardamom tea bags using the following steps. First, place the fresh tea bag in a pot or a mug. Then, boil freshly drawn water in a kettle, and once boiled, let it cool down for a few minutes before pouring it into the mug. After you pour the freshly boiled water, follow the brewing instructions shown on the carton.
Remember to let the tea infuse all the flavour packed inside the tea bag before you enjoy it.

Ahmad Cardamom tea blend took years to master and is the result of the passion and expertise of our Tea Masters, who played a role of paramount importance in the creation.

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